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The Collection of Evidence during a survey

by Ieuan Dolby

The public domain hosts various lists that detail specific evidence to be collected during the survey of a vessel, e.g. after a casualty or damage has occurred.

To have a prepared list can ease communications between the surveyor and the crew, especially during a WP survey when barriers and / or resistance can only be expected. However, generic and previously prepared lists can be misleading, especially those lists created by an unconnected party. Using a generic list ca…

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Can a marine surveyor successfully conduct P&I and H&M Surveys?

by Ieuan Dolby

Can a l P&I Surveyor properly conduct an H&M survey and vice versa?

 "Yes" – with reservation.

Many years ago, I began a career as a consultant / surveyor – primarily working cases with the major P&I Clubs in Asia. I attended for a large number of major casualties and I had more Captains crying on my shoulder than I care to remember. Then, after a few years I changed jobs and with this change I abruptly fell headlong into H&M work. I admit, it was an unexpected lea…

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