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Remote Virtual Pre Purchase and Condition Surveys

Recently, I was requested to conduct a full pre-purchase survey of a medium sized bulker in Asia. However, getting to the vessel proved impossible due to Covid19 travel restrictions. After consultation with the client it was decided that a virtual survey of the vessel would be acceptable. Upon the completion of the survey, the client had the following words:

“Excellent report, just what we needed and better than some we receive after surveyors have actually attended the vessel!”

I now …

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Behind the scenes of Britain's electrical boat revolution

by Ieuan Dolby

'Climate emergency' has gripped the developed world. Norway declares it will be 'carbon neutral' by 2050, Sweden 'net-zero' by 2045 and the Britain's less ambitious but still positive approach is to reduce 1993 emissions by 80% by 2050. However, societal views on emissions will likely bring about change faster than current and prospective, and indeed futuristic government targets will, not through obscure carbon swaps or delayed reckoning carbon capture but through visual and t…

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Consideration of serious cruise ship incidents as exampled by the QM2 and Viking Sky

Large vessel's main control room

A large vessels control room

by Ieuan Dolby

The recent episode of the 'Viking Sky' should be extremely concerning as it adds to a growing catalogue of preventable cruise ship occurrences. Exampled and discussed below are two of many cruise ship incidents, both of which highlight the urgent need for microscopic investigations into the installation of overly-complicated, high-tech systems and equipment and a ship engineer's ability to manage.

Incident One – Fire and Explosion onboard the QM2 …

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The Collection of Evidence during a survey

by Ieuan Dolby

The public domain hosts various lists that detail specific evidence to be collected during the survey of a vessel, e.g. after a casualty or damage has occurred.

To have a prepared list can ease communications between the surveyor and the crew, especially during a WP survey when barriers and / or resistance can only be expected. However, generic and previously prepared lists can be misleading, especially those lists created by an unconnected party. Using a generic list can quit…

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Can a marine surveyor successfully conduct P&I and H&M Surveys?

by Ieuan Dolby

Can a l P&I Surveyor properly conduct an H&M survey and vice versa?

 "Yes" – with reservation.

Many years ago, I began a career as a consultant / surveyor – primarily working cases with the major P&I Clubs in Asia. I attended for a large number of major casualties and I had more Captains crying on my shoulder than I care to remember. Then, after a few years I changed jobs and with this change I abruptly fell headlong into H&M work. I admit, it was an unexpected learning cu…

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