Worldwide Survey

It is not easy to find a good surveyor. However, we have worked with those listed below and we highly recomend them.

Contact Rob Swier

South Africa

Marine salvage survey and consultancy, project management, technical survey and condition inspections, H&M and P&I invesitigations and attendance

Rob  Swier

MRG Marine Consulting

Contact: Mario Ramirez-Gaston

Canada - N.America

Marine technical advice, docking management and consultancy, project management, repair and damage survey, condition inspections, H&M and P&I invesitigations and attendance.

	 Mario Ramirez-Gaston

Hong Kong International Marine Services

Contact: Steve Hawthorne

Hong Kong - SE Asia

Marine survey and consultancy, cargo inspection, container damage, H&M survey and investigation, loss of hire, condition and load outs.

Steve Hawthorne